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Lawyers blame government for breach of constitution through decrees

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Lawyers Union of Afghanistan (LUoA) on Tuesday allegedly blamed National Unity Government (NUG) with breaching of constitution through releasing decrees and asked for cancelation of the decrees.

LUoA claimed that the 158 decree of NUG is against 22 and 79 article of constitution, in which deprived military officers of right of the work at least three years and utmost nine years.

“The 158 legislative decree of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani besides having formation challenges, its continents is against 79 and 22 article of constitution,” said the Deputy of LUoA Gul Ahmad Madadzai.

Speaking at a press conference, he said that in the decree military officers deprived of three to nine years of the right of work which is against 22 article of constitution.

As the 158 decree was not an urgent need and issue, so it also breached the 79 articles of constitution, he added.

He highlighted that this decree also negatively impact over pension of the military officers.

He said that such act reveals NUG careless about law and proves that the government was changed as a successor of parliament.

Such decree shows that the government ignore parliament and instead approves its favorite legislative decree, he mentioned.

The LUoA as an impartial and independent organ calls on NUG to cancel the decree and pay attention for the right of people and reinforcement of law, he insisted.

He also asked the parliament to reject the 158 decree.

He warned that if the government not takes decision regarding demand of LUoA, the LUoA will follow the case through judicial organs.

Transparency International Member Naser Taimori said that we support the LUoA demands regarding 158 decrees.

While criticizing NUG over releasing decrees for establishing corruption he said that there is four institutions working against corruption, which all established through decrees.

Mr. Rahmani member of LUoA also criticized NUG for releasing decrees against constitution.

He said that law and regulation will be negatively affected, if releasing of decree continues.

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