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Loya Jirga is only remedy to current crisis: Rana Think Tank

AT-KABUL: Experts participated in Rana Think Tank monthly session had expressed concerns over current crisis in the country, called convening of Loya Jirga as the only remedy left to lead the country towards stability and development. Security situation of the country is getting worse day by day, they said, adding that discord and sectarianism are the main factors behind crisis that have to be resolved. The enemies of Afghanistan would take every step under pretext of tribalism, sectarianism, language, and party significant to fun the flame of war in the country, they experts added. The enemies failed in reaching their goal of dividing the Afghan people, they said, lamenting that security situation, despite other issues, are deteriorating. Noting the current challenges, the experts termed Loya Jirga as only way to get rid of challenges.

Loya Jirga as the only choice that could put an end to the current crisis, the experts said, arguing that the Jirga has been a tested solution reference along the Afghanistan history.

“Most of the people’s problems have been solved through this Jirga, because it’s biggest act to bring order in the society,” said Abdul Shakoor Salangi, a think tank participant said, adding that the Jirga is the only social body that is acceptable by all ethnicities living in Afghanistan.

However, he counted problems and challenges before the Jirga, saying that the governments misuse this body. He suggested that the Jirga should be legalized considering its standards to prevent the misuse.

According to sociology, Afghanistan is in dire need of Loya Jirga. We have to resolve current challenges, concerned to each Afghan, he added. Jirgas in Afghanistan have been proved as milestone in every period of time, and none can deny its role in resolving problems in the past, and it will be very much helpful in future, he added. “If anyone has any amendment in Jirga is acceptable, but the replacement of Jirga by any other means is absolutely not acceptable.” We should work to further strong the role of Jirga, instead of replacing it, he said, adding that Jirga is acceptable to every Afghan mass. “Surely, there is no objection, rather by listening name of Jirga, it directly projects hope among people in resolving challenges.”

Editor-in-chief of Dunia Daily newspaper, Safiullah Molakhail also Said the Jirga’s role and its importance in social, political, economic and cultural affairs, saying the Jirga should be called for solving the critical national issues, not for unimportant matters.

They also called the Jirga as “Afghan democracy”, arguing that it had been standing against arrogance and tyranny.

The think tank participants divided the Jirga in two categories (national jirga and government one), saying the government Jirgas are called and misused by the governments, while the national Jirgas could not be used by governments.

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