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Marshal Dostum Calls for Political Unity amid Afghan Peace Process

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KABUL: Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum, leader of Jonbesh-e-Milli (National Movement) political party says that Afghanistan was in its sensitive stage, warning that even a small mistake would cause politicians’ condemnation by history.

Addressing his supporters in Kabul on Saturday, Dostum said that all political leaders should put their little differences aside for the national interests.

Dostum said that he was in Kabul to hold talks with political leaders about peace. “We want peace, but if peace is not achieved, we will not let anyone to disorder our current situation,” he said.
“Don’t kill innocent people, don’t set school on fire as these are the most painful methods of war. If you want to hit, then hit the marshal, otherwise the marshal will hit you,” he called on Taliban militants.
Dostum congratulated the Day of Afghan National Defense and Security Forces, saying they were on the right path as they defend Afghanistan and are the heroes of defense.
“We support the peace process. If it didn’t work, then we will definitely be ready to defend the republic system,” said Dostum who served as vice president in Ghani’s first tenure.
He assured to defeat Taliban even if ending of war was not possible.
Dostum’s statements come after President Ghani accused Taliban of fighting for power, while his government is ready for a political settlement.

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