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Massoud says peace must precede elections

KABUL: A former aide to the erstwhile president has said that settling the conflict and restoring peace must come before holding elections in bid to stop the unstoppable bloodshed.

Shahzada Masoud said that the need for restoration of peace to end bloodshed is more impotent than holding of elections for people in the restive Afghanistan.

He said that peace is a nationwide need, if we have peace and security we can run better election across the country, thus it is essential to peace and reconciliation process be on top agenda and latter election must be focused.

High regaining during parliamentary poll severely has marred people trust over electoral bodies and election process, thus it is essential to the presidential election postponed and peace must be focused, he added.

He elaborated that if we reach to peace and stability, then we would have the opportunity to run free, fair and a nationwide presidential election to be away of rigging as well as be acceptable for all nation.

Pointing to the governable formed peace commission, he said that it should be revised and national figures must be assigned in peace commission to be acceptable for all people as well as it have the ability to act up on people willing and expectation.

While expressing pleasure over steps in the aspect of peace by US envoy Zalmai Khalilzad, he said that we support such steps but it should not be a dealt with neighboring country behind closed doors.

In peace dealing everything should be clear for Afghan people and independency of Afghanistan must be fully respected, he asserted.

He said that Afghans will never accept dealing behind close door with any neighboring country under the frame of peace dialogue.

He highlighted that if peace won’t come and the election run in such condition like last parliamentary election, then people must tolerate five next years with conflict and insecurity across the country.

He emphasized that convention of traditional Loya Jirga is only the remedy to overcome all challenges, thus currently it is a need for traditional Loya Jirga.

All nations, parties representatives, national figures and tribal elders must be involved traditional Loya Jirga in order to be acceptable for all, he mentioned.

Traditional Loya Jirga will be helpful to Afghanistan issue and it would make a decision over all challenges across the country.

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