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‘MPs will expose if caught in interventions’

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: The government will expose lawmakers who deemed it fit to interfere in recruitment process of the ministries amid at taking leverage based on nepotism.

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on Tuesday urged the members of the parliament to refrain interfering in recruitment process in the ministries. In that cause, their (lawmakers) interferences would be recorded and shared through media outlets.

Ghani said this during the 10th graduation ceremony of the Afghan police forces from the national police academy.

“With high respect, I request the parliament members not to go to the ministries for recruitment recommendations,” the President added.

He warned that if any lawmakers, who caught interfering into recruitment process, favoring nepotism, would be filmed and the video would be shared through media outlets.

He furthered that hiring should be conducted based on the police’s rules and regulations. “No more personal recommendations should be accepted.”

Moreover, he talked about reform terming it important to gain people’s trust. “All recruitments, promotions, replacement have to be done based on reformed process.”

Only by policing reforms, the country could extract mines, implement projects, and attract investments, Ghani said, recommending the Ministry of Interior to strictly follow all officer’s affairs based on the law.

The President appreciated the police for all of their sacrifices, especially as they are on the frontline, saying they (police) are “the ones people in danger turn to them for help.”

He added, “We must say bye to nepotism. Those who hired based on favoritism had escaped the strongholds, and those who hired by money, are now involved in corruption.”

However, the warning has come when lawmakers were often blamed for corruption, nepotism, and interferences in recruitment process in the ministries.

There are rumors that relatives of some members of the parliament have been hired in different ministries and other governmental institutions based on their relations.

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