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New alliance on the way: This coalition is not for national interest, rather for privileges: Parliamentarian

AT-KABUL: Some members of the Wolesi Jirga or the Lower House of Parliament on Saturday said that the three-part new alliance is not for the national interests—rather it has been formed to seek more privileges.

According to report the new alliance formed by leaders from three Afghan political parties, such as Jamiat-e-Islami, the National Unity of People of Afghanistan, and the National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan on Friday in Turkey.

A lawmaker, Arian Yoon, said, “The new alliance has not been formed to preserve national interests, rather it is for their own interests to seek more privileges.”

“Representative of the three parties had been played several games in the past 16 years aimed at receiving more privileges,” the lawmaker added.

The leaders of these parties had or have been remained as high-ranking government officials, so they have responsibilities in the system for betterment, thus they should not criticize, instead should work for reform, the lawmaker added.

“The leaders through forming new alliance are trying to force the government to accept their illegal demands,” she furthered.

Another representative in the Parliament, Mullah Sayed Mohammad, said “Afghanistan is home to all, and belongs to every Afghans—not only to these three persons who have made alliance.”

How put trusts on alliance that has been shaped in abroad, he said, adding that the Afghans have enough knowledge about them, so people would never trust on them anymore.

“Such movement is only for the favor of armed insurgents nothing else.”

Another legislator, Sahera Sharif, said that this collation or alliance is not representing national mobilization, but of some figures of political parties.

She added:“These figures are working in the government, but raising voice against it, so people would never seduce by such coalition at the future.”

He furthered, if these people want to bring reformation and cope with challenges must have seek solution instead of becoming reason for the crisis.

According to report, Jamiat-e-Islami party of Afghanistan led by acting Foreign Minister, Salahuddin Rabbani, along with the National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan led by First Vice President, Abdul Rashid Dostum, and the National Unity of People of Afghanistan party led by Second Deputy of the Chief Executive Office, Mohammad Mohaqiqlast week agreed in Turkey on the formation of the alliance named “Coalition for the Rescue of Afghanistan”.

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