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New norms for globalization

By Zulfiqar Shah: UK kicked off the formal process of a new era in globalization. Brexit has been a public opinion on the way world is being globalized. This opinion, sought through referendum, is from the country that has a historical background of colonial diversity.

Colonialism itself was a fundamental beginning of internationalization and globalization.  Brexit was followed by elections USA where people elected similar school of thought. A wave of opinion and popular thought for contemporary globalization is in Europe that extraordinarily exhibited however got defeated in Holland and is visible for upcoming France and Germany elections.

Unfortunately, the violent exhibition of US local citizens’ expression to the globalization caused murder of three Indians. Similar tendencies are emerging in France and elsewhere in European Union. Recently a European Court has given verdict for banning scarf at workplace in EU. The phenomenon has many aspects that fundamentally are needed to be understood.

Is it possible for the West to accommodate rest of the world’s population in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand? Various surveys show that citizens from the various countries of Asia and Africa want to live in the West. West has developed its quality life mechanisms, socioeconomic justice and development system that attract people from underdeveloped and developing world to be part of it. Why we do not understand that it is impossible for us all that immigration and migrations beyond certain level can cause virtual ethnic cleansing of native in terms of population, economic resources, culture and ethnic composition. If a computer modulation is developed on the trends of immigrations and migrations versus local population growth rate in the West, it would be easily understood that in upcoming fifty years whole cultural composite of the West would become a new entity.     Immigration reduces employment opportunities for the locals and expenditure of taxes on the services. In certain context, it no doubt supports the economies; however in US unemployment of US citizens is considered as a result of immigrations from Asia and Africa. In UK immigration and economic self consciousness was the main reason for the Brexit vote. In Europe, immigration is seen in the perspective of value system change, where immigrants of the various ethnic and religious origin are gradually causing change in cultural value system of Europe. Several studies show that crime ratio has increased in the in host countries where immigrants have moved.

The religious aspect of immigrations, which is being seen from the security as well as culture perspective, has further pushed western citizens to think with an entirely new matrix. Recently, US President Trump ordered a travel ban on certain countries. He probably needed to ban or enhance weight on the immigration from certain countries, which would not have attained a large criticism from various quarters. Since international politics has been causing repercussions in the form of terrorism by Muslims, it becomes responsibility that international forces to strengthen the voice of non-rigid non-Salafi Muslims and Sufi so that the menace of terrorism in the name of Islam may be given a full stop.

The important question is how world would get engage with the new challenges of international politics of interests. It is yet to be seen what impacts this new wave is leaving amid world politics of further confrontation that has yet to unfold itself in upcoming years.

In nutshell, the contemporary phenomenon is initiating a new era of globalization in which immigration, migrations, ethnicity, religion, culture, and economy related securities to the locals have become unavoidable. This is an era of guided globalization or inclusive globalization in which rights of the locals must be protected and ensured. Any act of globalization on the cost of locals or indigenous is already against international law with reference to United Nations Declaration on Indigenous People; International Convention on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights; and International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. No doubt, nations once again have exhibited forcefully their existence before the speedy globalization of our age.

Shah is Sindhi refugee journalist, civil and political rights activist. He is staying in New Delhi, India. Email: [email protected] www.zulfiqarshah.com



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