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New province idea helps disintegration plot: Analysts

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KABUL: Political analysts and members of senate reject the idea of forming a new province inside the mountainous province of Badakhshan in the northeast, saying the idea would pave the ground for disintegration conspiracies and establishing another country in Afghanistan.

Recently some ideas came out about the promotion of the Pamir district to the 35th province. The government is blamed for the idea, KabulNews reported.

Analysts said on Saturday that a regional country with the help of some others, is trying to separate the Badakhshans of Afghanistan and Tajikistan and establish an independent country named Badakhshan.

Pamir lies at the very outlying area of Badakhshan and is located among almost impassable mountains bordering Tajikistan and China. Badakhshan has 28 districts.

The independent directorate of local governance rejected the formation of Pamir as a province. People in two Badakhshans are also worried about the plot of tearing part of their homelands.

The plot includes Pakistan’s areas of Chatral and Gilgit in the large Badakshan that is home to a large number of Ismaili Muslims.

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