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Police, Lawmakers saga: No one is above the law

AT News Report

KABUL: A number of lawmakers at the parliament (Wolesi- Jirga) have summoned the minister of interior, Massoud Andarabi on Friday late evening after verbal and physical dispute occurred between the security forces and people’s representatives in Pul-e-Charkhi area of Kabul. The dispute has lasted for hours and the avenue was block for traffic.

The interior ministry said the parliamentarians have engaged into physical clashes as the security forces tried to collect their illegal weapons and remove vehicles’ tainted glasses.

“Preservation of law and public orders are the main responsibility of police, the incident is under a serious and transparent investigation” said spokesman for the ministry, Nasrat Rahimi.

But Narendar Sing Khalisa, a member of the parliament has accused the security forces of being disrespectful and unprofessional. “They (police) told me to get down! Searched me. I said I am a representative of people! He said: We received orders by the minister and deputy minister, Khoshal Saadat,” Sing added.  

However, according to some witness the guards of the member of Wolesi Jirga have acted reckless and threaten the security forces in the check points.

“They pull out an AK-47 on police. The police were removing the tainted glasses from the parliamentarian’s vehicles,” said Mahbobshah a witness.

Meanwhile, a number of other parliamentarians believed that holding a night conference in the parliament is in contrast with the law. “The representatives have held the meeting because the law was implemented on them and why the tainted glass removed from their cars,” said Ramazan Bashardost a member of the parliament.

According to some reports, some members of parliament have been trying to fire those officials who ordered the investigation of illegal vehicles of the parliamentarians.

But the interior ministry emphasized that it would stand against the violation of law.

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