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No caves will save terrorists; ANDSF Day marked for the first time

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: President Ashraf Ghani at a ceremony on Monday to mark for the first time the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) Day, said, “no caves could safe terrorist groups” in the country.

The ceremony which was attended by high-ranking officials, the president furthered, “ANDSF are fighting 20 terror groups bravely and the outfits are continuing subversive activities in different faces.”

“Daesh, al-Qaeda, drug traffickers, suicide bombers and other cluster who are engaged in terrorist activities are the enemy of Afghan people,” president added.

He continued, “Fortunately, the ugly face of the terrorist groups has been unveiled to all, where a few group still under their tempt plans.”

While assuring that Afghanistan is not a threat to any country, the president said, “those who are thinking to change Afghanistan to a battlefield would bury this dream with themselves into grave.”

“At current juncture, the criminal mafia under different names has been in efforts to enlarge insecure in Afghanistan. But, however, these group are in run due to fear from strong hands of the ANDSF,” he added.

He added, terrorist groups still struggling to grow insecurity in Afghanistan, but the Afghan forces give us hope that this country would never return to those past black days.

“Day by day the Afghan forces are becoming more capable, which their defeat is impossible in battlefield,” he asserted.

Praising Afghan security forces sacrifices, the president said “these sacrifices caused that Afghanistan to remain independent.”

“War imposed on us, and must be fought, but at meantime we respect peace and believe in it,” he underlined.

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