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Pakistan’s vicious intensions regarding Wakhan corridor


KABUL: The Islamabad Policy Research Institute released an incorrect map of Afghanistan that eliminated a huge part of northeastern Badakhshan province.

The map highlights the areas controlled by the Taliban. According to the post, roughly 19% of the districts have been attributed to be under control of Taliban at the time of Facebook post.  Unfortunately, Afghanistan has been stuck among some opportunist neighbors. Pakistan has always been supportive to various elements to pursue its biased goals in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is a hub- that connects the Central Asia with South Asia including Pakistan- it is called the heart of Asia. Pamir- Wakhan is a vital geographical location. Prior to that, the Russian Foreign Ministry has conducted a similar action. Later on, it published a correction note saying that the interactive map of the world Earth globe as presented here is schematic and may not provide an accurate representation of national borders.   But fortunately, for both times, these evil-efforts faced strong reactions and criticism by the Afghans.  

“No one can take our Wakhan from us,” said Sayedullah, a social media user. “The people on both side of the line are chanting for Great Afghanistan- that also include people from the other side of the so called Duran Crossing- Pashtunkhwa.”

 The red color marks ‘contested control’, white color indicates government control, while the black ones shows about the Taliban control districts. 

Wakhan and Pamir are integral parts of Afghanistan. Wakhan is a district of Badakhshan in Afghanistan. The Wakhan Corridor is a narrow strip of territory in Afghanistan, separating Tajikistan from Pakistan and Kashmir. The corridor, wedged between the Pamir Mountains to the north and the Karakoram range to the south, is about 350 km long and 13–65 kilometers wide, according to Wikipedia.

It is such a disappointment that the neighbors of Afghanistan instead of cooperating for a sustainable peace in the country- that could benefit all regional countries as well- they put no stone back to cause damage to this war-torn country. Afghanistan has always been friendly and unharmed to its neighbors and region throughout the history.  It is also considered against the international law.

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