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Peace Council decries Pakistani preachers of suicide attacks

AT News Report-KABUL: The High Peace Council said Tuesday that it was important to have those Pakistani clerics who permit suicide attacks in Afghanistan in a conference of Islamic scholars expected to be held in one of the Islamic countries.

“Unfortunately, some Pakistani clerics allow war in Afghanistan and call killing of Muslims a jihad. They should sit with the Islamic clerics especially with the Afghan religious scholars so they realize that killing of Muslims is not allowed in Islam. Islam is the religion of peace and negotiations and rejects war,” said the peace council spokesman, Sayed EhsanTaheri.

The peace council is making efforts to hold a conference of the Islamic scholars either in Afghanistan or some other Muslim country.

The council has reportedly talked with clerics from India, Qatar and Indonesia regarding the conference.

The war in Afghanistan would be discussed from Islamic viewpoints in the conference, according to the peace council’s spokesman, who hoped the conference be held in the near future.

The Jakarta conference planned to be held last month with the participation of the clerics from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Indonesia, is yet to be held due to Pakistan’s unpreparedness.

Afghan government is trying every possible way to bring Taliban to the peace talks.

“The Islamic conference should frankly say that war in Afghanistan is forbidden,” FarooqAzam, a political expert said.

He said that Pakistani clerics would take their verdict back regarding the war in Afghanistan if they are not politicized.

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