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ED: National solidarity, key to resolving political instability

National cohesion and political solidarity is the foremost and ultimate solution to the instabilities in the political sphere and current predicaments gripping the country’s elections. Owing to complexity and complications of the situation, a full-tilt political stability – achieving peace and holding free and fair elections and other indigenous problems – seems a wild goose chase as the country is experiencing yet another trauma. The situation is almost risking spiraling out of control.

This whole scenario was a testament to the fact that we still rely on foreigners to resolve our problems, despite internal remedies which could guarantee a political solution devoid of foreign intervention. These are all characteristics of national unity. The Afghan nation united against the occupying communist and capitalist powers over the past centuries. Integrity and amalgamation among this nation perennially guarantees infinite internal stability and breaks the lingering impasses.

A society shaped of a blend of ethnicities and denominations, Afghanistan always remains united because of political and geographic realities, social cohesion, economic imperatives, and history. Despite its troubled past, Afghanistan has never faced a potential secessionist movement, although certain elements are peddling malicious agendas or perspectives. But, the collective conscience and unity of the Afghan nation would reject such methods of propaganda. Ethnic groups in Afghanistan have a long history of cooperation and coexistence. Cross-cultural marriages are common and many Afghans are bilingual.

A robust example of unity is the people’s resolve to have voted in previous elections and their willing to vote again in defiance to a sprawling terrorism threat across the country. Although many citizens argue that elections will not fundamentally change the nature of the conflict or address the structural weaknesses in governance and uproot the tide of corruption, but it has the capacity to give the current political system the power to strengthen its writ and hold, and expand the established set up to those areas where the Taliban still claim presence. It will also entice international donors on further support.

Amid major internal problems, corruption has been testing the mettle of the government, as it is taking such a form which will be more dangerous than militancy. It is eating up foundation of the country, gradually. Ad it’s the definite job of the government and its allies to weed out corruption, bring reforms in governance and improve women’s status. These are some of the internal issues that call for urgent attention. Issues related to security, peace talks with the Taliban, international relations and garnering the support of the Muslim world against terrorism occupied much of the time and capacities of the government. Therefore, it couldn’t give much time and focus to domestic issues. Our nation must understand that they will defy all odds and tackle the unconquerable issues if they unite. Otherwise, internal issues will multiply and a political bickering will be the outcome.

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