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Police decisive in serious behavior with bully individuals

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KABUL: Interior Ministry says persons related to mafia try to make obstacles before police activities, adding that police would be decisive to behave with these persons.

Khoshhal Saadat, deputy interior minister said Monday that the bully persons would be repressed if they refused to surrender to the law.

He added that the mafia-linked people found job in police force based on relations and try to challenge police activities.

“Some dirty persons who have found place in police forces, try to defame police. These people came to police based on political familiarities, bribes and illegitimate relationships,” Saadat said.

He warned the “bully persons who threaten people’s lives” would be seriously treated by police. He called on the irresponsible armed men to either surrender to police or be ready to die.

“If police are not serious against the irresponsible armed men, this situation will continue and the armed people will become stronger that will be a matter of concern for security,” military analyst Mehrabuddin Safi said.

Kabul residents are threatened by the irresponsible armed men who loot them and even kill or injure them just for their money, mobile phones or jewelries and luxurious cars.

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