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Positive Thinking Builds Strength

By Haidar Zaman

Corona Pandemic is the most significant pandemic that has happened in our lifetime. The dangerous virus has infected millions of people across the globe. The role of media has been remained totally negative since the eruption of the pandemic. Terrorizing people, providing incorrect death and infections number and failure to educate properly the masses about the risks emanating from the virus are some of the criticism that can be made against the media.

Fear kills. Since eruption of the Corona Pandemic across the globe, a kind of fear mongering and terrorizing people have also been launched by certain media outlets, politicians, and opinion-makers. I have personally seen that people who intimidate from the coronavirus by believing in the media, they were scared and also terrorizing others instead of encouraging them, and now fear is such a big problem in people who have become ill because of their mental imbalance, not the coronavirus. Especially for those who are watching the media, some anchors of the media are comforting the masses, and some of the anchors’ job is just to scare people into the death. These are words written specifically for some people, to which I am referring, and you yourself are sensible, what a time it has come, all human beings, but also all the friends who have been so close to each other, now they run away from each other. Besides The media is making only people mentally infecting

 I don’t know why people are so scared to death and in the end they try so hard to find or do something that makes sense to their existence, often without success, without ever living and Even the most dangerous is the result of death.

The best thing you can do is to serve the in the community, in every way possible. I think the best thing to do is this time is to reassure people and get rid of the fear they are the ones who will work, when you think positive you are building a strong immune system responsibility, and the most important thing is that you should give yourself that I have to live for society, and for the family, the best way to build your self-esteem is to take good care of and respect your community and your life to the people.

Also, one can observe a great imbalance in media coverage of Corona pandemic and brutal acts of violence that is taking far more lives than the deadly virus. Coronavirus is not as dangerous like a brutal suicide bomber in a hospital and martyr dozen of innocent children with their mothers. Several hundred people, including children and women have been brutally killed in various acts of terror across the country. The media is, however, focused only on counting the deaths from coronavirus and provide inadequate coverage to the killing of civilians in violent acts. Just over the past five months, calculate for you how many people have died of coronavirus in Afghanistan in these five months, all of those who have died of coronavirus in these six months.

It has been almost six months since the outbreak, how many deaths have been caused by corona in these sex months, just a few more diseases and just calculates the accidents that happened the lowest is the deaths from corona virus, leave the world.

Our country is a matter of a few days ago; First, I am very disappointed with the cruel accident that the attacker did to the innocent people and the innocent children and women who were also mothers were martyred and that too in the month of Ramadan and on the other side of the coming epidemic.

There are people prisoners in the houses, attacking innocent children and women; it is beyond my comprehension that even such creatures are living on earth. This is not a human being. It will be written in the infamous pages of history that these were the atrocities by which innocent children of one and two years were martyred in the lap of their innocent mother’s It is only 6 months since the coronavirus came into being.

Also a section of media is portraying the Covid-19 pandemic as either a punishment from Allah or war between the Jews and the rest of the world. In fact death is made for man, and man is made for death. After all, the only thing people want is that if you are afraid of death, death can’t leave you anyway, death is coming, as long as you are in this world, at least you have a responsibility to do something for humanity. Many people are dying. The world is going on like this.


Repeating important points in three supporting paragraphs above

There is only panic in the world; this is the only job of some people, just as if someone is because they do not have the knowledge.

Because all doctors in the world has tried and are doing various researches to find a cure for coronavirus, and on the other side doctors in our areas don’t want to say anything but only without advice because they think it is impossible to cure.

people are waiting for the advice of doctors and dotes are all waiting for the United states of America, china, japan and United Kingdom to come up with some vaccine or medicine, by now you must have understood that how much we know.

Living a hygienic life is not difficult at all, people who can’t maintain their mental balance, they will be more affected by this diseases, and try to stay away from the media in this current situation media full nonsense 

Try to read, recite the Qur’an or read other books and spend more time with your wife and children.

Try not to worry, it will boost your immune system is strong, which is very important right now

Do not trust Facebook and media without confirmation and stay away if possible

Have full faith in the mercy of Allah that just as every calamity finish, so will this calamity one day finish.

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