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Prices rise in Kabul following fire incident at Salang Tunnel

The fire accident in Salang tunnel, in addition to huge financial and human losses, has caused an increase in the prices of some commercial properties, raw materials, including coal.

Government officials say that in the Salang tunnel fire, many vehicles carrying commercial goods caught fire and caused an increase in the price of some commercial goods and raw materials in the country.

Abdulsalam Javad, the spokesman of the Ministry of Industry and Trade said with local media that “In the Salang tunnel fire incident, many trucks caught fire and caused an increase in the price of raw materials, including coal.”

Stating that the recent incident in Salang has blocked the transit highway between the north and the center, Javad added: The relevant teams are trying to reopen this route so that the price of raw materials and fuel return to their original state.

According to unofficial statistics, more than a hundred people were killed and injured in this incident, and dozens of cars were also set on fire, but Javad says that the exact statistics of financial losses and burned cars are not yet available.

Salang Pass is one of the key highways of Afghanistan that connects north and northeastern provinces in of the country with Kabul..

Food and fuel for millions of citizens who live on the southern parts of salang are supplied from this route. This highway has witnessed unfortunate events in the past years. However, what provoked the criticism of the country’s citizens is the lack of construction of this crossing in a fundamental way.

Meanwhile, a number of citizens say that despite millions of dollars pouring in over the past two decades, this highway has not been built in a fundamental way.

However, a number of experts warn that if the Salang highway is not built in a standard way, it is likely that similar events will occur in the future.

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