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Nangarhar Orange harvest drops this year: Farmers says

By Shoaib shirzai

AT News

Kabul: In a report from Nangarhar province of Afghanistan, local farmers planted thousands of orange trees in the previous years before fall of republic government, and they have collected hundreds tons of harvest from the orange orchards last year, but due to the climate change and hot weather the yield and harvest of the orange is decreased and the production is low this year, while the price of orange is high in the market.

Ajab khan, a Fresh Fruit contractor, told Afghanistan Times “although the orange productions have been affected due to climate change and high temperature, their crops still meets the demand of Afghanistan’s markets.

He added: “This year, the weather was very hot, Oranges hit a little bit lower, Inshallah we are trying to give sprays and fertilizers, so that it will give us a good harvest. Another important issue is if our fresh orange exports to other countries, like Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan, then we will get a profitable income from it.”

A worker in Orange orchard said “we are doing our best in this dire economic situation of Afghanistan, and each of us gains about 500 to 900 Afs daily, we are very happy with this job”.

It is notable that some fruits from Afghanistan are being exported to neighboring Pakistan, but because of the mass orange production in Pakistan, their traders are not keen to import orange from Afghanistan.

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