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PTM leader Ali Wazir pledges to continue struggle in Pakistan


Kabul: Ali Wazir one of the senior members of the Pashtun Preservation Movement (PTM), was released from Karachi prison after more than two years of imprisonment and was warmly welcomed by the members of this movement.

Ali Wazir was accused of making provocative statements against Pakistan’s government institutions, but he has repeatedly denied these accusations.

As soon as he was released from prison, Ali Wazir said in his speech to hundreds of people that he will continue his struggle as before.”The government has always followed the path of oppression, injustice and violence against the oppressed people. The government of Pakistan itself, on both sides of the Durand Line, carries out acts of terrorism, makes people homeless and stateless, kidnaping and killing innocent people and saying that they have killed terrorists.”

Ali Wazir added: “At that time, PTM stood up and stood in front of the governors and generals and added that ‘You have committed this injustice and you can no longer commit injustice in this land.'”

Ali Wazir was arrested on December 16, 2020 in the city of Peshawar and then handed over to the Sindh Police of Pakistan.

During the last two years, members of the Pashtun Preservation Movement launched demonstrations to support Ali Wazir.

Guarantees for Ali Wazir’s release were repeatedly rejected and 19 cases were filed against him, in 7 of which an order for his arrest was issued.

During the last two years, various cities of Pakistan witnessed protest gatherings for the release of Ali Wazir, but the Pakistani government insisted on its previous position in this regard, which was to keep Ali Wazir in prison.

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