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Road to peace

Many political pundits and security analysts are of the view that the Afghan peace process would soon be caught in another deadlock. They believe that it would not bring stability, at least so soon, because it is too much difficult to convince the Taliban and other militant networks to reconcile with the Afghan government and renounce violence without setting any condition. They link success of the reconciliation drive to increased and unconditional participation of insurgents in the process, respect for human values and ceasefire. The more the two warring parties interact and set across the table of peace talks, it will become easy to resolve the difference and reach an agreement, given that there was no foreign influence or interference.

No doubt that increased interaction between the government and insurgent groups in an environment which is free from foreign interference is the only viable solution to restore peace and bring stability. However, it is more than difficult because the militants are not free. They are supported and controlled by certain spy agencies in the region. The influence is quite visible because the Taliban had not shown reaction after the first meeting of the Quadrilateral Coordination Group (QCG), held in Islamabad. However, they issued a statement after the second round of the meeting that was held on Monday in Kabul. The militant group said that the talks would not produce positive results. They demanded total withdrawal of the coalition forces. They say that fighting and peace talks could not go along.

If this is the case then why they launch attacks whenever the government initiates talks. When the first round of QCG was taking place in Islamabad, the Taliban attacked airport in Kandahar. Taliban think that they could get more in the talks if they had control over huge swaths of land. More lands mean more strengthen. It is the strategy of the militant group to talk of peace and continue killing Afghan people and fighting Afghan security forces. They cannot throw dust into the eyes of public. They always tried to settle issues through violence which fueled the conflict further. It indicates that they are controlled by some foreign players.

Actually, the Taliban leadership is confusing the foot-soldiers as well. In the statement they indicate to continue resistance but in reality they would become part of the talks, given that Islamabad deliver on the pledges. Once financial and political support to the militant groups comes to an end, these groups would have no other option to face but to become part of the peace process or face music.

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