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Roads security a must

There is enough room for improvement. Security apparatus needs to overhaul its approach in the areas lying on the fringes. Keeping security intact in just the center cannot guarantee victory.  Considering one part important over the other is the core issue. In some parts of the country security measures are ramped up while in certain other parts there is no sign of security measures, which leave the areas prone for militants. Gradually the militants have crept in those areas which were once believed to be secure.

Though, even the center is unsafe, but given that the margins remain susceptible and on fire, how the center could be protected. With an expansion of security perimeter the government can gain too much security benefits. Security along the main highways is also of utmost importance because insecurity along the roads can undermine trade and business activities, which eventually will cause a heavy blow to national economy. Members of Laghman provincial council on Friday reported that security threats have dramatically surged along the Kabul-Jalalabad highway in recent weeks.

Security along the road has particularly not been good since April, but the recent surge in insecurity along the road is a matter of serious concern. The government cannot remain unconcerned. Residents in Laghman province complain that armed men frequently appear along the highway and sporadically open firings at vehicles. It has sent a wave of fear, though by now it has not been confirmed if any passenger has been killed in the firing. But the concerns of the people of Laghman are not baseless.

Laghman governor Abdul Jabbar Naeemi said Friday the provincial government has been in contact with Kabul in a bid to beef up security along the road. Since the provincial government has given a dig in the rib of the central government, therefore, Kabul must come into movement. Today is a good day to do it; so no delay. Revamp the security mechanism and end the dismay and fear of the general public and the commuters. Security must be improved in eastern Nangarhar province before it becomes another Kunduz.

When the government has taken a different road where peace dialogues have been kept on the backburner, then it must shift the emphasis on the mission to training security forces and equipping them.  As insecurity stems from lack of good governance, corruption, smuggling, joblessness, poor justice response, and illiteracy besides foreign interference, therefore, the government must address all these evils one by one. Insecurity is multi-layered and the government needs to unfold each and every layer and understand what caused it. Then it must be in a good position to effectively address it.

An uneven  national infrastructure program, severing depletion of human resources, crisis of governance, endemic corruption in public administration offices, rampant gender discrimination, criminalized economy, warlordism, and opium trade, collectively making the security mechanism reeling . The government needs to address them one by one as addressing them collectively in the same breathe can exhaust the government

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