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Spate of Taliban violence in Ghazni irks lawmakers

AT News Report-KABUL: The representatives from Ghazni province in the parliament are worried about the Taliban’s recent moves there, blaming the situation on the government’s poor management in timely arming and equipping security forces as well as shortage in the number of troops.

Taliban militants launched multiple attacks last week on the districts of Ajrestan, Deh Yak and Jaghatoo, and were said to have captured Ajrestan for a few hours.

The attacks caused casualties in the army and police.

Lawmaker, Shah GolRezaie, said that the government should pay serious attention to the situation of security forces particularly the national police in Ghazni.

“Unfortunately, 80 per cent of the national and local police outposts are lacking the things they need. When there is little assistance, when there are little armaments and when there is little food and starving police forces go to the battle ground, the result is that they face increasing problems day after day,” Ms. Rezaie said.

She warned against the fall of some districts if there is not serious attention from the government to the security forces in Ghazni province.

Ghazni representatives in the parliament had earlier warned against the worsening situation there and had called on the central government to be careful about the situation.

Karim Matin, provincial governor, confirmed problems in the security forces, saying a delegation had arrived there to probe and meet the problems.

“The delegation from ministries of defense and interior as well as the intelligence agency are in Ghazni to evaluate the problems and shortages of troops, arms and other equipment,” said Matin.

He added that the delegation would report to the president.

Security analyst, Mohammad GolMojahed said that most of the provinces were facing high security threats. He said the government should be serious in meeting the security forces’ problems.

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