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Swedish scientist awarded Nobel Prize in Medicine


Kabul: Svante Paabo has won the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his discoveries about the genomes of extinct humans and human evolution, the Nobel Academy announced.

This is the first Nobel Prize this year, and in the coming days, it will be distributed to selected people in other fields as well.

Last year’s medicine prize was awarded to Americans David Julius and Ardem Pataputin for discovering receptors in human skin that sense temperature, touch and convert physical impact into nerve impulses.

The Nobel, one of the most prestigious prizes in the scientific world, is awarded by the Swedish Karolinska Institute’s Nobel Assembly and is worth 10 million Swedish kroner ($900,357). The prizes for achievements in science, literature and peace, established by the will of Alfred Nobel, inventor of dynamite and wealthy Swedish businessman, have been awarded since 1901, although the prize for economics was added later.

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