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Tribal elders struggle for reopening schools in Paktika

AT-KABUL: Tribal elders have promised to fight for the reopening schools in the southeastern province of Paktika.

“This is a great step to make possible to portray a spontaneous struggle of local villagers for the right of education for their children in the province,” provincial office said in a statement.

Paktika people also promised to discuss the reasons behind closing schools and take steps for the solution.

Loya Katawaz tribal elder Hajji Dogar said that: “We are ready to reopen the school for our children at any cost in the province.”

Paktika governor voiced pleasure over people decision for reopening closed schools, saying that security and coordination between government and local people will provide the opportunity to run different projects in the province.

He asked the tribal elders to convince the Taliban to let children go to school.

“It is disgraceful if schools remain closed in historical area of Katawaz and children grow up illiterate,” he added.

He urged people to stand and reopen school ahead of children in the province

He also asked Taliban to join peace process and not close and torch schools in the province.

According to report tens of school remained close due to insecurity in different district of Paktika province

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