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Two ‘beheaded’ in tumultuous Shakardara, governor says

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KABUL: Two people, including a military serviceman and a religious scholar, were found beheaded in Kabul’s Shakardara district, Kabul governor said Tuesday.

Dead bodies of a beheaded national security officer and a religious scholar have been spotted in the outskirts of Shakardara district. The service member who had disappeared days before was found dead on Monday, Governor Mohammad Yaqob Haidari told Radio Azadi.

He said that still no complete information is in hand about murder of them, but initial investigation indicates that Daesh is behind the killings. One of the killed people is resident of Parwan and he is national security officer and other one was religious scholar, but still this information is not accurate.

Despite struggle Radio Azadi failed to talk with the National Directorate of Security (NDS) regarding the killing of security officer in Shakardara district.

The incident took place, while around four months ago security forces have informed of destroying of Daesh and Haqqani network nucleus cell in northern parts of Kabul including Shakardara.   

Ministry of Interior (MoI) and Kabul Police headquarter say that they are investigating the issue and currently not confirm nor reject it.

Some parts of north of Kabul has become more insecure in recent months and it changed as battle ground for Afghan government and the Taliban group.

According to report as result of conflicts high number of resident of Shakardara had left their houses and the neighboring district Guldara is faced same insecurity situation.

Three residents of Shakardara told to Radio Azadi that in addition to the insurgent groups, the locality illegal armed men are also behind the insecurity in the district.

Safiullah resident of the district said that these groups were previously supported by the government and now they are trying to create security issues as they lost financial support from the government. They are trying to create chaos and show that if they were in power then this area will be secure otherwise such issues will be created.

Ministry of Defense (MoD) around one month ago had said that it has carried out military operation in Shakardara district and cleared the area from militants and rebels, but recent incident reveals that still insecurity is growing in the district.

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