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UNAMA Chief urges universal education in Afghanistan international education day

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KABUL – Roza Otunbayeva, the head of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), marked the International Day of Education by advocating for universal access to education in Afghanistan. Emphasizing the crucial role of education in the country’s prosperity and peace, Otunbayeva stressed the moral imperative of providing education for all, including girls, boys, and men.

In her address, Otunbayeva highlighted the significance of learning for lasting peace in Afghanistan, considering it more than just a fundamental right but the cornerstone of the nation’s future. Commending Afghanistan’s historical contributions to the world in various fields, she called for the celebration of the country’s rich heritage.

Otunbayeva underscored the essential role of education in addressing contemporary challenges, such as the need for a dynamic economy, job creation, and resilience against disasters and climate change. Expressing concern about the continued denial of education for women and girls, she urged a change, stating that this denial weakens the foundation of a prosperous and equitable society.

Addressing Afghanistan’s de facto authorities, Otunbayeva asserted their profound duty to uphold and promote education rights for every individual, irrespective of gender. She warned that persisting on the current path could harm all Afghans and isolate the country from the Islamic world and the international community.

Highlighting the broader demand for education, Otunbayeva referenced recent discussions at a conference organized by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, emphasizing that education is a universal need extending beyond Western nations. She concluded her address by urging the de facto authorities to recognize education as not only a moral imperative but as critical for the country’s prosperity and peace.

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