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US Veterans criticize chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal, survey

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KABUL: A majority of US war veterans are critical of America’s chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, believing that the US didn’t leave that war with honor, according to a new survey.

“Veterans are feeling an intense array of emotions regarding the end of the war, including humiliation, betrayal, anger, disappointment, and sadness,” and 70 percent of those polled do not feel like the U.S. departed Afghanistan with honor, the non-profit research group “More in Common US” reported Wednesday.

Among Americans in general, 57 percent reported they did not feel the United States left Afghanistan with honor, the survey found.

Their survey found that more veterans than non-veterans reported occasional feelings of alienation.

“59 percent of veterans”—and 76 percent of the Afghanistan veterans—“say they sometimes feel like a stranger in their own country. Only 41 percent of Americans in general feel that way,” the report found. 

But so far, few are talking across that military-civilian divide, the poll found. Seventy percent of the 2,000 Americans in general said they had either “rarely” or “never” talked to an Afghanistan veteran about the war. And Afghanistan veterans reported being more comfortable sharing war stories with other vets, although they were in support of creating connections with non-veterans.  

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