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War imposed on us, Taliban should hold talks with fellow Afghans: Karzai

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KABUL: Former President, Hamid Karzai, said that the ongoing war in Afghanistan had been imposed by foreigners, calling on Taliban to hold talks with their fellow Afghans.

He stated these remarks on Wednesday in a large gathering of political leaders, who unanimously said that election would pave the ground for a crime.

Hamid Karzai, Mohammad Esmael Khan, Mohammad Younus Qanooni, Atta Noor, Sayed Hamed Gilani and Sayed Mansoor Naderi, were among tens of political figures, who emphasized on peace ahead of election.

“It is our obligation as politicians to put an end to this war,” Karzai said, adding that Taliban should hold talks with their fellow Afghans.

Atta Noor, former governor of Balkh province, said that gaining peace would be impossible without a practical mechanism.

He urged that election was unacceptable in the current situation, and peace should be given priority.

Younus Qanooni, former vice president, called peace as a national necessity, saying that election would cause crisis.

He said that politicians all voice for peace and are against election.

He said that Karzai’s political allies were seeking solution ways for a likely post-election crisis.

He accused presidential candidates of thinking of their tribes and ethnicities, so none of them would be able to save Afghanistan. “So, an outsider team is needed to save the country from a crisis after the election.”

He urged peace as the priority, saying that every political figure backs peace, not election. Qanooni, also downplayed peace monopoly by the government, saying that Taliban also oppose peace monopoly.

He blamed the US for stopping negotiations with Taliban, calling on insurgents to hold talks with Afghans.

Esmael Khan, a former jihadi leader, expressed concern over the post-election crisis, and denounced statements by some candidates as a war announcement.

Gubuddin Hekmatyar, the leader of Hezb-e-Islami and one of 15 presidential candidates, has lately said that he would hold back gun against the government if fraud was not prevented in the election.

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