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Will opposes any US program increasing Afghan war: Karzai

AT-KABUL: Former President, Hamid Karzai, said he would oppose any US strategy causing the increase of war and having the “message of war” in his country.

In an interview with the Voice of America’s Radio Ashna, the former president said that he would “stand” against the increase of the US military in Afghanistan.

“To bring peace in Afghanistan, we need to seriously follow the peace process and the US security pact would be useless unless there is a clarification and making measures about Pakistan,” Karzai said, adding that the increase of the US soldiers would mean the “increase of war”.

The former president believes that Afghans discuss once again with the United States if the opportunity for peace was provided. He added that Afghans should assure the US that they do not want to expel them from their country, but want them not to cause the killing of Afghans in their presence.

Karzai expressed willingness to peace, saying he would support any step that concludes to peace in Afghanistan, “even if the step is taken by the US”.

He said that Pakistan come out from the wrong circle it has created for its and Western interests in Afghanistan and do not go ahead for its own destruction.

The former president also opposed any “coalition” in Afghanistan, saying that the current political system is facing disorder, referring to the newly formed coalition by senior politicians who are also parts of the government.

Regarding the first vice president, Abdul Rashid Dostum, he said that the case should be investigated in the light of law, but added that “the US ambassador doesn’t have the right of interference”.

Karzai also touched the Loya Jirga (Grand Assembly), saying if the ground is not paved for the elections, the Jirga would be the basic solution.

He called on President Ghani and the chief executive to work hard for uniting the people and the government authorities.

“We cannot manage government by division, dismissing or replacing officials. We should have honesty in governance and should encourage people for unity and solidarity,” Karzai told the Radio Ashna.

He, however, supported what he called “the national parties”, saying that he would support the ‘Mehwar-e-Mardom’ (People’s Orbit) party formed by his cabinet members, though he was not part of the party.

“I would strongly support any national party that is formed with the aim of unity among the people,” the former president concluded.

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