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Your vote determines country’s fate

By Masomjan Masomy

After the collapse of the Taliban regime, ‘the darkest period in the history of Afghanistan’, by US and NATO forces, however, the country still to gain a durable peace—that unfortunately the country has been stuck in the longest conflict with no end sees in sight. During the past seventeen years long war, two times presidential and parliamentary elections had took place in immense cooperation of US and international community in the wake of widespread corruption that have resulted into internal and external interferences.

But as a whole, the process of voting is a real practice of nascent democracy that has been experienced twice in Afghanistan. However, a majority of Afghans are not sure about transparency in the election process because of wide-range corruptions and interferences that have already casted several doubts amongst the people.

Meanwhile, after a few days, Afghanistan will go through their third term of its parliamentary elections, which is scheduled to be held on October 20. It is technically indifferent than the last two terms. Lots of people have already have voting stickers in their National ID cards and despite that usage of biometric system during voting day has painted a picture that hopefully could prevent fake votes.

The Afghan masses though have a suspicious glance at the election process, but despite persist challenges and problems, they would approach nearby polling stations to cast vote for their favorite one—and it’s a historically proven fact as in the past they voted in millions in order to discharged their national obligation honestly.

According the election laws, everyone nominated his/her self as a candidate who have met the mandatory requirements and standards legally, now a days there is seen different candidates contesting for parliamentary race in all provinces—from different categories—some of them related to current and former governmental officials—a bit of them are former military individuals—most of them are current parliament members—and many more are rich men, and most importantly a young hopefuls with higher-level of education.

It’s a fact that voting is a key to practice democracy in its true scenes and its obligation to the Afghan male and female who are eligible according to the Constitution and Independent Election Commission, to use their legal rights of voting.

People should have knowledge to make differentiation amongst the aforementioned categories of candidates, noting their past backgrounds, educational record, professionalism, and their good and bad performances as well. Based on that, the parliamentary elections is very much important for the country’s fate to be designed properly toward a prosperous future by sending the well talented-professional representatives to the lower house (Wolesi Jirga) through voting.

Worth mentioning that parliament is a place of internal and external debates, national decisions, ratifying of laws, and overseeing governmental affairs – on the other hand, it is a robust bridge between the government and the people to work together for the country’s better future.

So, the people portion is very much crucial here to contemplate profoundly voting to an eligible candidate; who is educated, professional, sincere, and free from corruption, betraying, as well be informed of people’s problem to generate honest representation without any personal reputation or benefits.

Different people have been stand in election race where, in fact, many of them are not eligible for the lower house (Wolesi Jirga), for instance, a rich man can never make laws or play a significant role in politics—his experience is specific – he is a businessman, not a lawmaker. Likewise, a military individual has never studied law – he is the specialist of war and military affairs. If anyone votes for he/her it means they made a big mistake and it is called an embezzlement, which he/she conducted toward his or her children and family members.

Moreover, whether people are supporting those candidates who are current members of Lower House or other figures, it would be a repetition of blunders, which a wise man/woman never does. They are just being belied by their vicious commitments, plans as well as scorching campaigns to spend lots of money – it is in reality an indulgence. Indeed, they have already showed their real face of insincerity as not fulfilled their commitments made during election campaigns rather had joined hands in corruptions and personnel interest instead.

Eventually the point is that your one vote can bring a positive change that could vary the country’s fate toward a bright and prosperous. To that end, every voter has to think deeply and cast vote for the hopefuls who are qualified from every corner.

The Afghans are desperately looking for a lawmaker who to work for the national interests, values, and to have meetings with people from near and hear their problems on daily basis and spare no efforts in its resolving. This is not the stopping point; they should also have a good courage, ability and familiarity with the country’s political, economic and cultural arenas.

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