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Zalmay Khalizad—ray of hope to end violence

In a bid to materialize its commitments with rest of the world regarding return of peace and end to imposed wars and hostilities, the United States named Zalmay Khalilzad as Special Envoy to President Donald Trump on Afghanistan. Khalilzad considered well familiar is getting special assignments on Afghanistan as earlier he had served as US Ambassador to Afghanistan when Hamid Karzai was governing the country and had focused on establishing a centralized authority in war devastated country and convincing rest of the world for helping him in addressing miseries of Afghans regarding reconstruction of living infrastructures and creating economic opportunities. Though the US policies regarding Afghanistan time and again changed and there is still a confusion amongst Afghans that whether the Americans are sincere in their claims or not. But one thing is very clear that Khalilzad while serving as Ambassador to Afghanistan had done a lot. He not only helped in structuring of positive image of the US in Afghanistan but he had also played a key role in manufacturing of a lawful society in a country which was badly affected by prolonged wars and hostilities. One decade ago not only Afghans were satisfied with the US led allies regarding return of peace and reconstruction of war affected country. But now the situation is too different. Frequent changes in Washington’s policies towards Afghanistan generating too much doubts in minds of Afghans. The Afghans are too much sensitive regarding sovereignty and solidarity of their motherland. World has witnessed that despite frequent attempts from abroad, the Afghans have kept united their motherland. Irrespective of lingual, ideologies, communal, political identities and religious faiths and beliefs they demonstrated unity and solidarity at each and every stage. Compare to recent past, miseries of Afghans made further complicated. On one hand the terrorism phenomenon getting a new shift. The one time popular Mujahideen who converted into al-Qaeda and Taliban, are now being portrayed as Daesh, which had sleeplessness nights of not only Afghans but also of some neighboring countries. For settling its old scores with US or forcing US to surrender before its designs, at least four countries of the regions are now publically patronizing Taliban against Daesh whereas Daesh through mysterious ways getting unprecedented support. The two rivals despite own strange-pulling for powers and monetary interests are one and united against the peace loving Afghans and defenders of the country-Afghan National Defense and Security Forces. Prior to his landing in Kabul for assuming the office and embarking on his new assignments, Khalilzad had held a brief chat with Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi in New York whereas the two sides agreed for having further bilateral; dialogues on the issue of Afghanistan. Similarly through his statement, Khalilzad also agree on unconditional dialogues with the Afghan Taliban leaders. All these acts and steps on the part of Khalilzad are encouraging and can make satisfied the Afghans. The Afghans since long living at mercy of such type of claims and commitments but now they are in dire needs of results or outcomes. Khalilzad is well aware that Pakistan is the key to resolving of Afghan issue. Despite visible rifts and hostilities, US and Pakistan are in close collaboration on certain issues, especially fencing of controversial Durand Line and imposition of one-side border management and security system on all crossing points between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Neither the militants have used these lawful crossing points for neither attacking Afghans nor they could use in future. There are certain other points through which they could easily enter for violent and terror acts. Afghanistan and Pakistan are not only neighboring countries but its people are sharing unbreakable relations with each others. They want to live with peace and harmony. But rulers and leaders need to bring changes in their policies. It is the time for Khalilzad to come forward and focus on resolving of rifts, misunderstandings and mi-trust between rulers of both the countries. Return of peace and end of imposed wars and hostilities in Afghanistan is not only solution to several hardships of US but it is also in benefits of Pakistan and other regional countries.

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