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Can’t hide reality: Taliban runs 15 fund raising centers only in Quetta


AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: In a letter, written by Maulvi Allah Dad who is an Imam of central mosque in Zhob district of Baluchistan, asking the people of Baluchistan to raise funds for Afghan Taliban in order to speed up Jihad in Afghanistan, Mashaal radio reported.

The letter has written and publically published by a notorious Maulvi Allah Dad. He said that Afghan Taliban was raising funds in various parts of Baluchistan for the last few years.

The letter has called on the people to financial support the Afghan Taliban in order to overcome the existing lack of financial resources they face for carrying out Jihad in Afghanistan.

The letter added, each and every individual should receive receipt of donation from Maulvi Allah Dad whose contact number is mentioned on the letter.

According to Mashaal Radio, Maulvi Allah Dad has confirmed the letter on his mentioned cell number on the letter, adding raising funds for the Afghan Taliban was a routine practice in many parts of Baluchistan.

While talking to Mashaal Radio, Maulvi Allah Dad said on Friday that fund raising in Baluchistan is in progress as per direction of Afghan Taliban’s financial commission.

Shading light on the financial commission he revealed that it was headed by the Maulvi Muhammad Akram (late) who was disabled. After his death this year, and arrest of Maulvi Abdul Samad, his closest colleague Maulvi Abdul Manan became chairperson of financial commission. He is in Khuzdar district and busy collecting funds for the Taliban.

He furthered that raising funds under the shelter of central financial commission of Taliban is not a secret issue. “They are running fund raising campaigns openly in majority areas of Baluchistan.”

Moreover, he added that 15 fund raising centers of Afghan Taliban are underway only in Quetta, capital-city of Baluchistan province. He further went on saying that Taliban’s elders have been made their visits to Pashtun belt of Baluchistan and collect donations every year in Ramazan.

He claimed that fund raising campaign for Afghan Talban was affected and minimized during the former Pakistani President General Musharraf. However, after his departure fund raising campaign is speaking louder in Zhob, Killa Saifullah, Muslim Bagh, Kuchlak districts, including the capital city of Quetta.

Responding to a query, Maulvi Allah Dad said, the elders and representatives of Afghan Taliban come here at the end of Ramazan and receive the collected funds. He said, during the month of Ramazan, “We collect 2-3 lack Pakistani rupees in a mosque for Afghan Taliban.”

Shair Shah Niazi, a local of Zhob district told Afghanistan Times, Maulvi Allah Dad is involved in destruction and terrorism in Afghanistan, and he is close partner and puppet of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Agency. He added Maulvi Allah Dad is dancing on the tone of ISI and famous for his notorious deeds in Baluchistan.

In the meantime, Interior Minister of Baluchistan, Sarfaraz Bugti while talking to Mashaal Radio said, the provincial government of Baluchistan has no official reports regarding fund raising campaigns for Afghan Taliban. He said the government would probe into the matter.

However, a political and security analyst, Dr. Khadim Husain, said fund raising campaigns for Afghan Taliban is running for decades in various parts of Pakistan, serving as a launching pad against Afghanistan. He added that prevention of fund raising for extremist and terrorist outfits was a part of National Action Plan (NAP), adding NAP is not applicable to good Taliban. He added Pakistan is lacking counter-terrorism narrative and strategy.

It comes at a time when Afghan government firmly believe various terrorist outfits including Haqqani Network enjoy safe sanctuaries in Pakistan, where from there they launch terrorist and destructive activities against the government and people of Afghanistan. The Afghan Taliban with close and strategic collaboration of Pakistani state are conducting terrorism in Afghanistan in order to destabilize the Afghan government and to undermine the US-led NATO mission in the region.

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