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Bringing Afghan Women into the Peace Process

More than Just a Seat at the Table By Lida Nadery Hedayat While negotiations for peace in Afghanistan represent an important step forward for the country’s future, any dogmatic changes could place Afghan women’s rights at risk. Nascent gains in women’s rights over the past decade and a half are …

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Marking One Year Milestone of US-Taliban Peace Deal

By Nadir shah Katawazai The Peace Deal between the US and Taliban signed in late February 2020, consists of four main points. The first and the most crucial step were to break the ice between the Afghan government and Taliban through intra-afghan dialogue that became the turning point of the …

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The Scene Behind al-Qaeda and Iran Relations

By Rabbani Feroz Al Qaeda’s second-highest leader, accused of being one of the masterminds of the deadly 1998 attacks on American embassies in Africa, was killed in Iran three months ago, which has been confirmed by intelligence officials. United States accused Iran of providing new terrorist base for Al-Qaida. After …

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Geopolitics and Conflict of Afghanistan

By Saifullah Ahmadzai Yesterday, Tuesday on 19/ Jan/ 2021, Mahmood Tarzi Think Tank of the Regional Studies Center, Academy of Sciences of Afghanistan held a scientific gathering title “Geopolitics and Conflicts of Afghanistan”. Dr. Sardar Mohammad Rahimi who has done PhD in Geopolitics and currently serving as deputy of quality …

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Wahidullah Shahrani, a Victim of Political Rivalry

By Jamshid Fedaie I found out after collecting information from different sources that a false file and trial of former mines and petroleum minister, Wahidullah Shahrani has had different dimensions: In September, 2018, the Supreme Court asked Wahidullah Shahrani to go to the court. Shahrani met Zaman Snagari, Barat Ali …

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Murdering of Prominent Afghans is Yet another Destructive Warfare Tactics of the Enemy

By Mohammed Gul SAHIBBZADA Recent spike in violence has sparked alarm among ordinary Afghan citizens, international community and the United Nations Organization. On 24 December 2020 a prominent women’s rights activist, Farishta Kohistan’s car was sprayed with bullets by unknown gunmen while travelling in her home province Kapisa, which killed …

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