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ED: Afghan solution needs world partnership

The one decade and half war in Afghanistan has actually tired not only the people, government and security forces of the war-torn country, but also other regional and world countries that are directly or indirectly involved in the affairs of Afghanistan, seem not to be happy with the continuation of this condition. Even some states that were seeking their benefits in an instable Afghanistan are now tired.

The peace program that Afghanistan has held to encourage the armed opposition groups particularly the Taliban militants is apparently accepted by many neighboring and farther countries as a way to save the country and the region from the war of attrition.

The Afghan nation will remember cooperation from different countries here that helped us in the war against terrorism and also the post-Taliban reconstruction program. Afghanistan by the help of the friendly countries was able to once again find its position among other independent countries and witnessed several achievements in several arenas from economy to culture, military, sports, freedom of speech, human rights and so on.

The United States was undoubtedly on the front line of the helper nations to Afghanistan that assisted us militarily and financially to stand on our own feet. But as this is a principle that ‘two is better than one’, we need a consensus from the countries consisting of our neighbors, the region and the international community to find a way to lead us towards a durable peace and put a full stop at the end of the word of war.

It was proved that no country was able to solve the problems of Afghanistan lonely and by itself. If it was possible, the United States would not ask for the help of allies from other NATO member states in the Afghan mission.

The situation in Afghanistan did not improve despite billions of dollars were spent and thousands of people including foreign troops were killed and injured, why? The answer is that the regional countries particularly our immediate neighbors were not involved.

We surely need the participation of Russia, Iran, China, Pakistan, Central Asian states and India to join us in a think tank and explain their ideas about the a lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan that relates stability in the region. The neighboring countries of Afghanistan are powerful states whose decisions and plans put directly impacts on Afghan fate and future. When Afghans along with the international community are working hard to provide peace, why our neighbors should not take part in these efforts?

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