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ED: Don’t torch our schools

Is destroying schools will bar girls from going to school? This would be kidding to say yes or to be remained in puzzled—girls will go to schools and there is no power to dither them from pursing education. Both, Taliban and Daesh extremist groups did level best by torching girl schools, but the more they threatening the students they more they stream to the classes with taking it as a great slap in the face of evil forces who oppose education. Terrorists have destroyed dozens of schools in restive districts of different provinces. On Wednesday, the militants torched a girls’ school in the Mohammad Agah district of central Logar province. Fortunately, the students did not hurt. On day before that on Tuesday, militants torched another school in Momand Dara district of eastern Nangarhar province. The anti-education militants put ablaze the administration block of Hazar Naw High School. 12 arsonists tied up hand of two watchmen before attacking the school. Taliban insurgents during their regime, has banned girls from going to schools and women from workplaces. But, after their collapse, the darkest era in the history of Afghanistan against women become to a halt. But ever since, the militants put all out efforts to create obstacles for girls and women in one way or another. Moreover, the most brutal terrorist group—Daesh after their emergence turned every stone to mare girls from going to schools—even the terrorist group warned girls of going to schools. And that unfortunately lead to the closure of some schools because of the fear of attacks by the Taliban, and Daesh terrorists. Due to insecurity and threat in some parts of the country, parents are refusing to send their kids to schools, even the boys. Even the militants come up to the fore with using gas to poison the students. In every education year, several schoolgirls being hospitalize after being poisoned. The doer of the evil action is none but the Taliban and Daesh insurgents. Another issue is security. Schools are often isolated in rural areas, and with little or no security, present perfect targets for attacks, and the Taliban insurgents leaving no leaf in attacking education facilities. The insurgents also used schools as military bases or barracks—this is really a big problem. The closure of schools and uncertainty over when it might be reopen means that its students face an uncertain educational future. In a very clear message to the Taliban insurgent is that they terrorist must respect civilians, including educational institutions that has nothing to do with politics. According to the Islamic teachings pursing education is obligatory to girls and boys. Noting this, the Taliban leadership in a knee jerk action must call upon their fighters not only to protect schools, but also play their Islamic rule in improving educational environment for education lovers.


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