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ED: Let’s welcome any peace talks

The 15-year long war after the Taliban were ousted from power following the US-led 2001 invasion seems to have increased in the past few years. Taliban as a major armed group has much powerful than it was 10 years ago.

Different options were tested to put an end to the war of attrition that was unfortunately less successful. The peace talks that began officially during former president Hamid Karzai were expected to have positive results, but interferences by some circles who wanted the war to remain in Afghanistan, put heavy rocks of obstacles on the road to peace.

The war has even increased since the end of 2014. Afghanistan is not the only affected by the ongoing war and it threatens the security of other countries that they need to take some measures for their national safety.

Recently, news reports say of Russia’s talks to the representatives of Taliban. As a country in the region, Russia has the right to be concerned about its security and this makes Moscow to hold talks to Taliban while it recognizes and holds friendly relationships with the government of Afghanistan.

Talking to the insurgent group does not mean that Russia is supporting and encouraging it to continue war. This is the right of Russia to be aware what happens around. This is clear that different countries including the United States and some other Western states are in contacts with the Taliban and these contacts are for their interests.

However, Russia says the talks are held to find some ways leading to peace in Afghanistan, not to support the militants against the government of Afghanistan.

The people of Afghanistan shake any hand and welcome any effort that help them put an end to the war and bring a lasting peace to their war-stricken country.

If Afghanistan was hit by a war of the then Soviet Union, now this is time for Russia to help us get saved from another war.

We welcome and appreciate the efforts by any country, the United States, India, China, Iran, Pakistan and etc. to convince Taliban militants to join the peace program run by the government.

Afghans only want peace, whether its way goes through Moscow or through Washington.

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