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Editorial: Brave Afghan National Defense and Security Forces

February 27 is marked as the National Day Of Defense and Security Forces every year. This day was approved by the government and parliament to be marked in support for the national security and defense forces in 2017 as it coincides with the announcement of Afghanistan’s day of independence by the then king Amanullah Khan from British imperialism.

The Afghan national army and other armed forces have been in the front line of defense of the mother land now for decades. They stood against the British invaders and defeated them out of the country in early 20th century. Thousands of young, faithful and home-loving sons of this soil gave sacrifices to rescue their country and country-fellows from the cruel invasion of the so-called Great Britain. This is the bravery of Afghan soldiers in defense of their country that paved the ground for freedom fights in the Indian sub-continent and other country under British rule. The Afghan defeat was the beginning of consecutive defeat in Britain’s empire in the world and the British troops started shameful withdrawal from different countries following their defeat in Afghanistan. The history is full of evidences that prove the bravery, manhood, courage and heroism of Afghans against foreign invaders with the national defense and security forces possessing special position. Now, these brave men and women are busy in fight against international terrorism backed by some of our neighboring states in an unannounced war that takes the lives of them and their civilian brothers and sisters on daily basis. The war on terror that keeps Afghans from progress and reconstruction process for 20 years now is considered the longest war of Afghans with the help of international troops in Afghanistan.

The cruel enemies of Afghanistan who are paid and armed by foreigners particularly some of our neighboring countries to kill innocent women and children as their mercenaries are well aware about the heroism of Afghan security forces and are see themselves unable to stand against the brave sons of this soil in face to face war. The ignoble and unashamed enemy, thus, tries to launch cowardly attacks on the checkpoints and outposts of the national army and police across the country by the help of their infiltrators. Little attention from government to their condition and despite huge enemy threats could not discourage our soldiers and police from defending their homeland, since they have one great thing that encourage them: Public support. The people support their security forces in any situation and under any circumstances.

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