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Editorial: Haqqani’s terrorist legacy

Feared leader of the notorious militant Haqqani network finally died. However, his demise will hardly affect the notoriety and brutality of their terror craze. He left a legacy of aggression and massacre behind. A possible schadenfreude and complacent by the west bloc for HQN leader’s death is a farce, because ISI-backed network is quite feted amongst the hardliner Taliban and Pakistanis; also he has a huge circle of crooked and fanatic descendants who have already succeeded the disreputable Haqqani. It is indeed a travesty. Violent insurgency and terrorism have inexorably spread by leaps and bounds and Afghanistan – which is the epicenter of terrorism and axle of counterterrorism – is a victim of it. Terrorists get their thrills killing the people whom have been hemorrhaging to this phenomenon. Our disingenuous neighbor has been harboring terrorists under aegis of tens of terrorist networks. Afghanistan has recognized with concrete proof Pakistan to have been feting HQN and all other militant groups. The announcement of his death by Pakistani Taliban comes as no surprise as it is an attempt to alleviate tensions with the White House; tensions that have ratcheted up lately after the U.S. cancelled a huge of chunk of aid to Pakistan. Jalaluddin Haqqani was the Godfather and main facilitator of al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and he had utmost support from Pakistan. He is gone, but what a deadly legacy he has left behind. It is also not clear when he died as his death report were doing round in media outlets years back since 2015. Some officials believe and insist he has been dead for years ago, and his son Sirajuddin Haqqani was running the most notorious terrorist group. There is no doubt that Haqqani died in Pakistan because his boss and best friend Osama bin Laden was also killed in diplomatic area in Pakistan. Moreover, all terrorist leaders whether killed or died was in Pakistan. Mullah Omar died there, and Akhtar Mansoor the successor of Omar was targeted again in Pakistan while he was traveling from Iran and had a Pakistani passport. So basically, Pakistan is a state-sponsoring, sheltering, feeding, and training militant groups. The most important question is that his death will not affect their activities of the network as they become more evil. The 31 May 2017 truck bombing in Kabul that has been designed and executed by Haqqani terrorist network was the most deadly ever as it killed over 150 Kabul residents while injured over 500 others.  In his twitter, former Afghan NDS chief, Rahmatullah Nabil said that other leaders of the terror network, including Sirajuddin Haqqani, Khalil Haqqani, Hamza Haqqani,Yahya Haqqani, Aziz, and some others have been fully trained as the brutal successor of Jalaluddin Haqqani. With this, nothing will change unless international community to pressurize Pakistan to shun supporting terrorist outfits.

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