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Four districts fall to Taliban in Farah

The Security Forces retreated several military outposts in western provinces as clashes peaking

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KABUL: The Afghan security forces pulled back from several military outposts in the western province of Farah as the Taliban increasing pressure on the government with staging attacks across the country.

Shah Mahmmod Naeemi, deputy head of provincial council confirmed Saturday that the Taliban managed to take “full control of Gulestan, Bakwa, Shibkoh and Khak Safid districts”. He warned that the militants could overrun further areas if the government didn’t take actions to prevent militant’s advancement.

Armed conflicts between the militants and security forces have surged amid the U.S. and NATO forces withdrawal from Afghanistan.  

The photos went viral on social media shows that the military compounds left by the security forces are being destroyed by the Taliban.

The defense ministry denied to provide details whether the compounds were retreated but said that the security forces have been conducting tactical retreatment in a bid to suppress the insurgents.  

To bring the areas under their control, the insurgents engaged in new tactics of digging canals to besiege the military bases.

But Abdul Sattar Hussaini, a member of the provincial council, said that the Taliban intensified offensives and forced the security forces to retreat from several districts in Farah.

“They staged attacks on the military outposts from several directions,” he added. “The equipments and ammunitions were seized by the insurgents.”

The provincial council member believed that the security forces’ retreatment from the districts emboldened the militants.

Provincial Governor, Taj Mohammad Jahid termed military tactics as the reason for the security forces’ retreatment. “Changes and Alteration in tactics is the job of security forces,” he added.

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