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President Ghani inaugurates E-ID card issuance; CEO Abdullah reacted, did not participate in the process

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on Thursday by taking the first E-Tazkira (National ID card) initiated the process of distribution of E-Tazkira in the country.

President Ghani said that “today, I’m pleased to announce the distribution of e-Tazkira by becoming the first Afghan to receive it.”

President Ghani continued that probable the suicide attacker use fake paper ID cards, so security of the people is the is the most important for me and we must able to know who is Afghan.

He said that biometrics will prove that who is Afghan and from where had came.

Afghan and Islam is our national identity and our unity is at this point, he added.

Pointing to paper ID card, he said that distribution of E-Tazkira, never mean to stop paper ID card, both process will be continued and distribution of paper Tazkira is needed for election.

He elaborated that the e-Tazkira program generates a variety of benefits for individuals, businesses, and government including paving way for facilitating commerce in the digital economy, enabling e-government services and their speedy delivery, and improving security for online transactions.

Meanwhile Chief Executive Officer of National Unity Government Dr. Abdullah showed reaction to start  E-Tazkira distribution and did not participated in the process.

CEO said that the reason I have not participated in distribution of electronic Tazkira is that I know this process has not received the needed legitimacy and support from the Afghan people. A one sided decision that has been approved by all sides can only lead to crisis and more problems.

He said that this issue of Electronic Tazkira was discussed across the country, people had legitimate concerns but, no attention was paid to these legitimate concerns which is an unpleasant discussion and could lead country to crisis.

He said that as an Afghan I am proud of my identity as a Muslim and Afghan. I know there are individuals and groups that are preaching the message that I am against certain words being mentioned in E-Tazkira. This is completely false.

I want to say that national processes in Afghanistan need nation level consultations, whether it is election or the process of distribution of electronic Tazkira, he added.

I have always kept national interests of the Afghan people on top, issues that challenge national interest and the stability in Afghanistan must be consulted, my decisions have always been in accordance to the national interest and the will of the Afghan people, he noted.

He insisted that we should also prioritize our work today the Afghan people need better security and services from the government, not issues that can challenge our collective effort for peace and stability.

At a time when half of the Afghan people cannot access to registration centers for Electronic Tazkiras, we come with an idea of distributing it which leads to additional problems countrywide. It is not a national achievement, he asserted.

This process of distribution of Electronic Tazkiras does not have the needed recognition. This step doesn’t only have problems of recognition but, can lead to further chaos and problems in country, he underlined.

National Security Advisor to the President, Haneef Atmar on his twitter said that “I am so pleased to get my National E-Tazkeera today. E-Tazkeera is an important and crucial step towards the Security, Prosperity, Economic Development, Social Justice, and Transparency in Afghanistan.”

It is pertained to mention that mentioning of “Afghan” word in E-Tazkira was the main point of difference between some people, officials and parliamentarians. Part of people and officials agreed to mention the Afghan word in E-Tazkira and some others were disagreed.

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