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Taliban defeated in Tagab of Badakhshan

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: The Afghan security forces after a week of operation, eventually cleared Tagab district of northeastern Badakhshan province from Taliban presence, security officials said on Wednesday.

Afghan security forces inflected huge casualties to the Taliban insurgents during clearing operation. The operation took seven days, TOLONews reported.

In addition to that, a number of Taliban militants were also arrested in the operation, army officials said, adding that the insurgents retreated to the neighboring district of Yamgan.

“We conducted a very effective operation and at the first step we cleared Taqab district and we took back…vehicles which the enemy seized from the security forces,” said Mir Abdul Wahid, an army official in Badakhshan.

“Badakhshan police provided all the possibilities and equipment to the local police forces and we witnessed the effectiveness of the operation,” said Mohammad Suhrab Rasouly, Badakhshan’s police headquarters director of counter narcotics.

The army officials of the province also come up to the fore to clear the presence of Taliban insurgent’s from other parts of the province as well. They informed of preparation to launch attacks against Taliban in other areas where they (Taliban) have presences.

“We suppressed the enemies and will not let the enemies succeed and we will fight bravely against the enemy,” said Seddiqullah an army officer in Badakhshan.

While welcoming the clearing operations, the resident showed concerns, saying that Taliban insurgents have presence in neighboring Wardoj district. The residents want Afghan security forces to launch operation and suppress the Taliban there. Local officials and resident expressed happens over clearing of Taqab from insurgents.

“We thank all the security institutions who conducted the operation and they really did well and we urge the government to establish bases here,” said Noor Ahmad Shah Zaeem, district governor for Taqab.

“Taqab district will be remained affected until Yamgan district is cleared, said Sultan Mohammad Aworng, a former MP.

“The Taliban are undoubtedly strange forces and they torched residents houses and assaulted residents and they are killing innocent civilians,” said Nasratullah a resident.

It has been for second time that Tagab district is fully cleared form Taliban. Provincial security official have to take every available measures to maintain the pride, and don’t let the Taliban insurgents to infiltrate for third time.

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