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U.S. supports intra-Afghan dialogue


Kabul: After the meeting on the first day of the Tashkent conference, the American special representative stated that we are ready to support the dialogue between Afghans about a brighter and more inclusive future.

“Thomas West”, the US special representative for Afghanistan affairs, stated that the participants in this meeting asked the Taliban to allow girls above the sixth grade to study.

He added that the participants in the Tashkent meeting were worried about the continuation of the economic and humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

The US special representative emphasized that it is in the interest of the region and the world to stay focused on the economic stability of Afghanistan.

West added that in the wake of multiple “terrorist attacks” against Afghanistan’s neighbors in recent weeks, some participants acknowledged the Taliban’s efforts against ISIS, while expressing deep concern about the presence of al-Qaeda, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan and other “terrorists” in Afghanistan.

He stated that no foreign country should impose the future leaders of Afghanistan or a process on Afghans.

The US special representative said a senior US interagency team would continue to engage with the Taliban and Afghan technocrats on macroeconomic stability issues.

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