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Troubling stories of street harassment (Part-II)

AT-KABUL: Street harassment has become a cancer in the society. Only the government cannot treat social diseases. Street harassment is everyone’s problem .There is need for collective efforts. Therefore, it is responsibility of all and sundry to discourage street harassment by changing their attitude toward girls and women. Impassion Afghanistan …

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Saffron production to increase: MAIL

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: The government plans to increase saffron products to 14 tons in the next five years, agricultural officials said Sunday. Lotfullah Rashed, spokesman for the ministry of agriculture said the ministry worked hard to increase the saffron products. Afghanistan has the capacity of producing of 70 tons of …

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Social media can empower women: Raziya Masumi

By M. Nadeem Alizai-Social media is becoming a powerful force in national politics. Issues that are ignored by the mainstream media are highlighted by the social media users. Once there was a time when major news channels and newspapers in Afghanistan served as major source of information for Afghans using …

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Project Taliban

Afrasiab Khattak-Religious seminaries have a long history but Taliban (students of the seminaries) emerged as an independent and separate political entity in mid 1990s. They ostensibly rose as a player in Afghan politics to fill the vacuum created by the dramatic decline of former mujahideen in the early 1990s but …

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