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Opinion: India’s role in economic development of Afghanistan

By Ajmal Rahimi-India and Afghanistan historically have shared close cultural and political ties, as New Delhi seeks friendly relations in the region and supported successive governments in Kabul until the rise of the Taliban in the 1990s. After the Taliban government was overthrown, once again the relation get raised strongly, regarding the …

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Human beings; the saviors or the destroyers?

By Nusrat Rahimi-Human beings possess tremendous potential within, human life is endowed with boundless power and vast creativity. We as human beings have been evolved into higher forms and are able to accomplish incredible things. We can almost accomplish any goal any objective, history has witnessed it (yet what did …

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Opinion: Ambushing democracy

By Afrasiab Khattak-The brazen manipulations, corruption and intervention by intelligence agencies in the recent Senate elections has exposed the hollowed and farcical nature of the current “ republic “ which doesn’t qualify anymore to  be called even a  mere facade of democracy. On the one hand the creeping coup going …

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Opinion: The U.S.-Afghanistan Strategic Partnership Agreement & President Trump’s Afghanistan, South Asia Strategy

By Dr. Nasrin Katona-The new National Security Strategy of the U.S. recalibrated Washington’s core interest in Afghanistan and the region, which was released on December 17, 2017. It manifests the U.S.A. expectations and interests in a quite different matter than President Obama’s NSS, especially regarding Afghanistan and the South Asian …

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The volcano of Pashtun unrest

By Afrasiab Khattak-The ten days long sit-in by Pashtun youth in Islamabad in the beginning of February has been followed by powerful protests in Swat and Bajour Agency. In Swat people were protesting against security checkpoints where people have to wait in long queues and they are allegedly humiliated. People …

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A glance at revenue collection of Afghanistan

Ajmal Rahimi-Afghanistan is one of those countries which have less national revenue output. Over the decades it is considered as one of the poorest country in the world, after the toppling of the Taliban regime, economic and social growth once again breath—but yet to fully. Afghanistan and the United States …

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