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Editorial: Paying human costs of the war

Afghanistan, a country that had risen from ashes at least 20 years ago with unprecedented progress in all areas, is once again burning. Situation is getting worse with each passing day. Tens of thousands of lives are at risk, while daily human casualties are shocking. Our lovely country is once …

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Editorial: Pakistan fuelling a Taliban takeover

Pakistan has always remained a controversial neighbor. Hypocrisy and double standards have always been part of its political elite’s behavior toward Afghanistan. What they claim publicly is doing absolutely opposite in reality. They have never been sincere. Pakistan openly admitted its support to the Taliban, but at the same time …

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Editorial: Ironical advances of Taliban

The Taliban have ironically made advances across Afghanistan as the group overrun five key provincial capitals. Despite spending billions of dollars, the U.S. either intentionally or unintentionally has not trained and equipped the Afghan security forces sufficiently and properly during its 20-year presence. With the U.S. is going to complete …

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Editorial: The carnage of ragging war

Situation in Afghanistan is becoming much grimmer with each passing day. Taliban has been intensified assaults and continue to seize more territory and the Afghan security forces are trying to hold them back. The offensive heightened after the announcement of foreign troops withdrawal for September. Indeed, the US messed up …

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Editorial: A dangerous truing point

Afghanistan is in its dangerous turning point. Any heart-wrenching incident can happen and unfortunately it’s happening right now as the flame of deadly war is yet to be extinguished as the proxy and destructive forces continue to kill the innocent Afghans and destroy the infrastructures. The increasingly brutal conflict across …

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Stratospheric rise in civilian casualties

The innocent people of Afghanistan – the women, children, elderly and younger are continuing to suffer from the longest conflict which is deadly and unbendable. Civilians were killed or injured at record levels in the first half of this year as violence escalated nationwide. The number of internally displaced people …

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