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Editorial: Lowest Level Since 2001

The US has reduced the number of its troops in Afghanistan to 2,500. This is as part of outgoing U.S. President, Donald Trump’s plan as to what he describes, “Ending the endless war”. The plan has been functionalized despite a congressional prohibition of the move and rising levels of violence …

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Editorial: Good news on cultural activities

The government has recently decided to be serious in maintaining and reconstructing some historical sites and monuments which is good news since the rich culture of Afghanistan had been almost ignored due to war pressures and other problems the government and people of Afghanistan are confronting. The ministry of information …

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Editorial: Deliberate Confusion

What we know so far about the national interests – there is no clear speciation and explanation on it as of today. It seems all the high-profile authorities are somehow talking about observation of the national interest, while attacking others for ignoring this noble cause as just over its narrow …

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Editorial: A firm decision

The government decided to register the religious seminaries located in Kabul, the capital city to prevent the influence of terrorism on the students. The decision, which is a very good move, has been made public recently. The students, teachers and other staff of the seminaries will go through a biometric …

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Editorial: Silent killer

Unfortunately, the air in Kabul has been so polluted these days. At the beginning and end of the day, the amount of air pollution rapidly increases and thick smoke covers the city almost completely. It’s so terrible asserting that people breathe smoke instead of air and truly find it difficult …

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